Experiences in Mariager

Historical experiences, idyllic surroundings, stunning scenery and hidden treasures. Mariager offers many different experiences – all within walking distance.


Mariager and surrounding area

The experiences in Mariager and the surrounding area are wide-ranging – dive into the historic town or explore the surrounding nature.
Take a boat trip with the Swan on Mariager Fjord or catch a ride on the Veteran Train. All within walking distance of the campsite – Map of Mariager.

In Mariager there are many good shopping opportunities with daily commodity shops and specialty stores, as well as several good eateries – cafe and restaurants.
Hotel Postgaarden | Motel Landgangen | Café Salt | Resturant A´porta

More good eateries in the area
Hvidsten Kro | Mariagerfjord Golfrestaurant | Davinci Ristorante |
Resturant Uafhængig | Bies Bryghus |

Top 10 sights in Mariager – and there are many more

Mariager – City of Roses

Mariager is a town full of charm and atmosphere – here you will feel peace and intimacy as the idyll spreads, and it is far from the big city holiday, stress and rush.

In Mariager, the houses are quirky, the roads are cobbled and the half-timbered houses are adorned with painted doors and roses. Mariager is known for its beautiful old town centre, but also for the impressive abbey church, Rosenhaven and exciting attractions. Mariager is a town that oozes culture and history.

A walk through Mariager’s cobbled town centre is like stepping back in time hundreds of years – Mariager Brochure

Mariager Abbey Church and Monastery

A visit to Mariager should also include a visit to the town’s magnificent Klosterkirke. It is an impressive sight – seen from the outside as well as from the inside.

As soon as you arrive in Mariager, you’ll see the church’s tower towering above the tall trees. The impressive church is beautifully and picturesquely surrounded by a small lake, majestically tall trees and the beautiful remains of what was once an impressive monastery. Together they bear witness to Mariager’s historic heyday.

The church is open from sunrise to sunset – Church of Mariager