Attractions nearby!

There are a host of attractions and sights within walking and reasonable driving distance of the site.


Attractions and sights

Mariager Camping is centrally located in relation to several well-known attractions and sights, including the popular Cold War museum Regan Vest and the Viking ring castles Fyrkat and Aggersborg, recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Below is a wide selection of attractions and sights. But there is much, much more. Stop by the reception and we’ll help you find the experiences that will make your stay special.

Entrance tickets to Mariager Saltcentre, Fyrkat, Randers Regnskov and Djurssommerland can be purchased from us.

Guide to Mariager

Right around the corner:

Mariager Saltcenter

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

Mariager Museum

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

Mariager Church

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

“The wheeled camper” Svanen

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

The Veteran Train

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

The Rose Garden

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

With shorter or longer driving distance:

Djurs Sommerland (amusement park)

Distance by car: 55 minutes

Randers Regnskov (rainforest)

Distance by car: 27 minutes

Fyrkat (Viking museum)

Distance by car: 20 minutes

Skandinavisk Dyrepark (animal park)

Distance by car: 1h. 11 minutes

Lille vildmosecentret (wilderness)

Distance by car: 43 minutes

Regan West
(Cold War Museum)

Distance by car: 39 minutes

Rold skov / Rebildporten (nature park)

Distance by car: 40 minutes

(The World Map)

Distance by car: 28 minutes


Distance by car: 6 minutes