Attractions nearby!

There are a host of attractions and sights within walking and reasonable driving distance of the site.


Attractions and sights

Mariager Camping & Hytter is centrally located to several well-known attractions and sights – in the area you will also find many lesser-known gems.

Below is a wide selection of attractions and sights. But there is much much more – so feel free to drop by reception for inspiration or tips and tricks.

Guide to Mariager

Right around the corner:

Mariager Salt Center

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

Mariager Museum

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

Mariager Church

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

“The wheeled camper” Svanen

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

The Veteran Train

Distance by foot: 5 minutes

The Rose Garden

Distance by foot: 10 minutes

With shorter or longer driving distance:

Djurs Sommerland (amusement park)

Distance by car: 55 minutes

Randers Regnskov (rainforest)

Distance by car: 27 minutes

Fyrkat (Viking museum)

Distance by car: 20 minutes

Skandinavisk Dyrepark (animal park)

Distance by car: 1h. 11 minutes

Lille vildmosecentret (wilderness)

Distance by car: 43 minutes

The Rebild Center

Distance by car: 39 minutes

Rold skov / Rebildporten (nature park)

Distance by car: 40 minutes

Verdenskortet (The World Map)

Distance by car: 28 minutes


Distance by car: 6 minutes